Fundación La Puerta promotes and facilitates solid academic research to round out its various programs and visionary approach in its efforts to achieve a sustainable way of life in the Tecate region. For further information on its current research projects, or to obtain any of the following Fundación publications, please contact the Fundación office directly by telephone: 011-52-665-655-5000 (from the United States) or email:

A Framework for an Urban River Environment Tecate, Mexico

This study provides a framework so that innovative and sustainable design solutions can mitigate the negative impacts of urbanism while allowing for human use and development.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 606 Studio – in partnership with Fundación La Puerta, A.C.
307 pages, June 2003

Urban Rivers in Tecate and Tijuana: Strategies for Sustainable Cities

“Rediscovering the Tecate River.” by Suzanne M. Michel and “The Alamar River Project: An Urban Development Strategy for Baja California.” by Carlos Graizbord.

Advocacy papers co-sponsored by the Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias, and Fundación La Puerta, A.C.
39 pages, 2002

Urban Eco-Parks: Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

This monograph integrates and summarizes the work of students in the 2003, 4th Year, Landscape Architecture Studio, School of Planning and Landscape Architecture, Arizona State University.

Topics include: Site Analysis; Connectivity; Land/Water Shaping; Identity; Social Fabric; Land Mosaic; and Urban Integration.

Arizona State University.
36 pages, 2004

Chaparral and Oak Woodland Frameable Field Guides

These eloquently illustrated field guides are wonderful tools for anyone wishing to learn about the plant and animal habitats for both the chaparral and oak woodland landscapes in the Tecate, Mexico border region.

The detailed descriptions of plant colors, textures, and practical uses, provide both common and Latin names. The animal drawings also include information on animal colors and behaviors.

These beautiful illustrations were created by artist Jim Melli and are available in both English and Spanish.

Produced by Fundación La Puerta in collaboration with the San Diego Natural History Museum and PROBEA.

Tecate, Baja California Realities and Challenges in a Mexican Border Community

Articles by well-known researchers from both sides of the border provide comprehensive overviews and in-depth analysis on a wide variety of topics including: the historic origins of Tecate; demographic; economic; social, public administration; health; environment; water; and infrastructure and services.

Fundación La Puerta, A.C. and Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias.
281 pages, 2004